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The General Mills Foundation

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    The General Mills Foundation


    The General Mills Foundation's philanthropy focuses on:
    • Increasing community food security worldwide.
    • Advancing the sustainability of agriculture.
    • Protecting the natural resources upon which food and people depend.
    • Strengthening hometown communities. 
    Increasing food security  Through strategic initiatives, grants, food donations and knowledge sharing, the foundation works to ensure all members of a community have access to nutritious and sufficient food. 
    • Ensuring food for all: Together with nonprofit partners, the foundation works to remove barriers to community food security by expanding access to nutritious foods.  
    • Sharing our food expertise: Through partnerships like Partners In Food Solutions and grantees such as Compatible Technology International, the foundation shares vital knowledge and solutions with small and growing food companies in the developing world so they can become better food producers. This strengthens regional food systems that can serve millions of people.
    • Expanding capacity: Through targeted grant-making the foundation supports and strengthen food bank networks nationally and globally, providing food banks with the support they need to grow and provide a greater variety and quality of nourishing food.  
    Advancing sustainable agriculture To feed a growing world population, The General Mills Foundation invests in programs that strengthen the food growers from which we source key ingredients. Further, we protect the habitats of food pollinators and to restore watersheds.
    • Conserving natural resources: The foundation invests and collaborates to ensure the worlds watersheds are restored and conserved, beginning with some of the highest risk watersheds that also impact the General Mills sourcing or manufacturing communities.
    • Protecting pollinators and habitat: The foundation works to increase pollinator populations through the conservation of habitat. Essential to the reproduction of fruits, vegetables, nuts and other foods, pollinators are vital to food ecosystems. Through partnerships focused on advocacy, education and applied research, they help to ensure pollinators have the environment they need to flourish.
    • Empowering growers: The foundation supports smallholder farmers and their families in our sourcing communities through programs led by non-governmental organizations that help farmers increase their livelihoods and improve their well-being.
    Strengthening hometown communities Beyond grant-making, General Mills invests in initiatives, nonprofits and causes that help strengthen people and our planet. A few examples of these initiative programs are:
    • Outnumber Hunger 
    • Box Tops for Education   
    • Save the Bees/Bring Back the Pollinators

    History of Funding

    To date, the General Mills foundation has distributed grants and matching funds of nearly $28 million. Examples of giving can be seen at

    Additional Information

    Minneapolis Grants Program The Hometown Grants programs address pressing local needs, such as improving education outcomes and alleviating hunger.

    • In Minneapolis, General Mills Foundation grants focus on:
      • Hunger & Food Secure Communities: Supporting innovative programs that expand food access for families and communities.
      • Early Childhood Education: Supporting programs that increase K-12 academic achievement, particularly those focused on at-risk youth during the critical pre-K through primary school years.

    The General Mills Foundation primarily makes operating and program grants. Capital grants will receive a lower priority and will largely be made to organizations in the Twin Cities with which we have a long history of operating support and significant employee involvement. The General Mills Foundation will give priority to operating and project grants.

    At this time, the Minneapolis Grants Program is by invitation only.

    As a standard practice, the General Mills Foundation does not fund:

    • Organizations without 501(c)(3) status
    • Organizations with 509(a)(3) Type III status
    • Annual appeals, federated campaigns, fund drives
    • Special events, fundraisers, travel, emergency funding or research
    • Recreational, sporting events or athletic associations
    • Religious organizations for religious purposes
    • Individuals
    • Social, labor, veterans, alumni or fraternal organizations serving a limited constituency
    • Conferences, seminars or workshops
    • Publications, films or television programs
    • Campaigns to eliminate or control specific diseases


    General Mills Foundation Staff

    General Mills Foundation Staff


  • Eligibility Details

    General Mills supports nonprofit organizations. Our Minneapolis Grants Program is by invitation only. Accordingly, they are not currently accepting unsolicited funding proposals or grant requests.

    An organization must meet all requirements below to apply for a General Mills Foundation grant: Organizations must have a current 501(c)(3) Public Charity status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), be a school or a unit of government. Organizations must serve populations in Minneapolis or St. Paul, Minnesota. The organization, its program or project, must support a broad and diverse audience.

    Deadline Details

    Applications are by invitation only. Please contact the foundation direct to gauge their interest in receiving a full proposal.

    Award Details

    Award amounts vary based on scope and size of project. Cost sharing/matching may be required. The General Mills Foundation primarily makes operating and program grants. Capital grants will receive a lower priority and will largely be made to organizations in the Twin Cities with which we have a long history of operating support and significant employee involvement. The General Mills Foundation will give priority to operating and project grants.

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