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    Sprint Corporation


    Through the 1Million Project, Sprint and the Sprint Foundation will help close the homework gap by providing free devices and wireless service to schools to connect 1 million low income high school students (over a period of five years) who don't have home internet access. The 1Million Project will help level the playing field so that disadvantaged high school students will have access to the technology they need to succeed in school, participate in the digital world and ultimately reach their full potential.

    History of Funding

    Participating districts are listed at

    Additional Information

    High schools and school districts interested in applying for the 1Million Project must meet the following requirements.
    • Commitment to be enrolled in the program throughout its five year duration.
    • Ability to identify and support a minimum of 1,500 students (300 per year) over the five year program duration who are eligible for the program (grades 9-12 who do not have home internet access).
    • Provide eligible students with a parent/guardian consent form that must be signed and turned in before the device can be distributed to the student.
    • Place annual device orders drawing against the full five year approved device total until the program limit that Sprint has approved for your organization has been reached.
    • Assign a dedicated program manager responsible for overall program success. This program manager will act as the primary point of contact to Sprint.
    • Assign a local resource at each school location to facilitate program requirements at that location. The local resource will act as the primary point of contact to Sprint for that school location and should be a teacher or guidance counselor.
    • Manage device inventory which includes storing devices in a secure location.
    • Provide program feedback to Sprint and the Sprint Foundation.
    • Engage locally and nationally as a program champion, communicating program details and materials, collecting and sharing student impacts, etc.
    Circumstances in which students can be considered as lacking home internet access include:
    1. No home internet access at all.
    2. Multiple students in the same household, working from a single computer.
    3. Internet is available at home, but at a very low bandwidth (i.e., dial up speeds) and is not adequate for completing homework assignments.


    Sprint Foundation Staff

    Sprint Foundation Staff
    PO Box 4191
    Carol Stream, IL 60197-4191
    (866) 414-3225

  • Eligibility Details

    Applications must be submitted by high schools or school districts that meet the program requirements. Individual families, students and non-profits cannot apply. These requirements include: 
    • Ability to identify, enroll and support between a minimum of 1,500 and a maximum of 25,000 high school students (grades 9-12) over the anticipated five year program duration (i.e., between 300 and 5,000 per year) that do not have high-speed internet access at home. Schools are encouraged to use their Free and Reduced Price Lunch (FRPL) data to help identify eligible students.
    • Capacity to administer and maintain the program throughout the program duration.
    • Assign a dedicated district program manager responsible for overall program success.
    • Assign a teacher advocate at each school location to facilitate program requirements at that location.
    • Communication with Sprint to provide program feedback.
    While applications must be submitted by the high school or school district (as they will be the official account holder on record for their students), Sprint recognizes the value nonprofits can bring in closing the homework gap and encourage them to partner with their local schools to support the 1Million Project. The funder also encourages schools to bring together and dialogue with necessary committees and local non-profits that provide student support services, as well as gauge interest among parents. A robust community support system would be beneficial for schools in managing the 1Million Project and ensuring students maximize the value of this program.

    Deadline Details

    For 2019 there was no application deadline. Applications will be considered on a first come first served basis and, dependent upon receipt date, may be considered for the 2020-21 school year. 

    Award Details

    Award packages will consist of:
    • 3 GB per month of free high-speed LTE data while on the Sprint network. Unlimited data is available at 2G speeds if usage exceeds 3 GB in a month
    • A free smartphone, tablet or hotspot device
    • Free hotspot capability and unlimited domestic calls/text while on the Sprint network for students who receive a smartphone
    • Free Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliant content filter with every device. This filter blocks adult content and malware while on the Sprint network. Specifically designed for the 1Million Project, this filter is always on and cannot be disabled. 
    The 1Million Project will connect one million high school students over five years. The program will begin at the start of the 2017-2018 school year and will run through the 2021-22 school year (students enrolled during the final year of the program will receive up to four years of service, depending on their grade level when enrolled). All approved program members will be accepted into the program for the full five years. Freshmen accepted into the program in 2021 will have service through 2025.

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